Driver Mobile App

You will get a ready-to-use software solution with company logo and name that lets drivers easily attach photographed documents to a trip or truck related to POD (Proof of Delivery), PAPS (Pre Arrival Processing System), PARS (Pre Arrival Review System), Equipment (trucks, trailers), Other (what ever you want).

Integrated Warehouse Management System

Providing a Warehouse Management System as part of the overall solution allowing for easy integration of TMS and WMS data. Task management, warehouse layout management, inventory management, warehouse worker management.

Managing cargo within the warehouse, maintaining correct location information for all cargo found on the premises, maintaining a database of cargo information including images.

Mid-America Trucking Show

TrackEnsure is participating in the MATS (Mid-America Tracking Show). We can be found in the booth 66096, see you there!

Asset Identifier

Asset Identifier

Pleased to introduce TrackEnsure Asset Identifier - our new and exciting hardware solution for truck/trailer identification.

Fuel Card Security Management

We are now in a real world testing phase of the Fuel Card Security Management, currently based around EFS cards we are presenting the most comprehensive anti-fraud fuel card solution in the market.


Our Features


MyShaw Integration

Processing incoming data as well as sending messages directly to the truck computers. Sending messages to the trucks via email is now also a possibility.


Telitek Hardware Integration

Now providing a complete hardware level integration and support for Telitek GPS systems and the periphery.


Wall Display

Providing our clients with easy to setup and use Wall Displays tracking asset movement and stops.